Urgent Maintenance for Commercial Client

Recently, we got a call from a commercial client with a metal roof in Waxahachie that had some maintenance issues needing immediate attention. At the moment their maintenance staff was dealing with some severe roof damage, which would tie them up every time it rained. This was causing serious problems, as other tasks were being neglected every time there was a storm. We came out the next day after speaking with them, and gave them an estimate for metal roof repairs. They quickly approved the estimate so we could get started as soon as possible.

The metal roof repairs were about to start

The crew arrived on the next day bright and early to get this project done for the commercial client. The crew was very thankful that the sun was shining and there was no rain in the forecast for several days, which was great news as this was just enough time to get the metal roof repairs done for the client before it rained again. 

A successful Waxahachie roofing maintenance job by Roof Time Contractors, Inc.

The crew first started working on several surface oxidation patches and holes. The surface oxidation tends to occur when the coating from the metal roof wear away. The crew used a wire brush and steel wool on the areas to remove the oxidation and rust. Once the crew had the areas clean they applied a metal primer. The metal primer would allow the cement to adhere to the metal roof. The crew then applied roof cement by spreading it over the holes and oxidation patches. Once the roof cement was dry the crew painted the areas with a matching paint color of the original roof. The crew did this step to each of the oxidation patches and holes and this would prevent the roof from leaking again.

In one area of the roof, one metal roof panel was severely damaged and no patching could repair it, so the crew replaced the entire panel completely, resealed the seams, and then applied the paint to match the entire roof. The crew worked non-stop on the metal roof to get each of the repairs done as the crew knew they had to get all the repairs done before the rain was scheduled to occur. At the end of the third day, the crew had the job completed for the client.

Approximately, a week later the commercial client called us to let us know that not one drop of rain water leaked from the storm that happened two days after we repaired their metal roof. The client wanted to thank us for doing an outstanding job. The client said he wished he would have called us sooner, but he didn’t think the repairs would be affordable and he thought he may have to replace the entire roof. He said we were indeed the best roofing contractor in Waxahachie.

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