Tile Roof

A Successful tile roofing project - Roof Time ContractorsTile roofs are suitable for residential homes because even though they are bright, beautiful and durable. They are mostly made from Concrete Roofing Tile or Clay Roofing Tile and are designed to be flat, curved, interlocking or fluted.

If you care a lot about the aesthetic and beauty of your house or home, then you should consider tile roofing because you won’t find anything more beautiful. When installed right, tile roofs can last well over 100 years as clay and concrete withstand tough conditions like hail, storm winds and even intensive fires.

Tile Roof Options

We did this cool tile roof in Grand Prairie - Roof TIme Contractors

There are an impressive range of tiles to choose from when doing tile roofing in terms of color and shape.

Environment friendly: Tile roofs are recyclable, which can help reduce costs and there is an added potential perk of salvage for later use.

Cost Effective, Long Term: they are expensive to install at first, but their advantageous durability will make up for this initial cost, it might just be your most durable investment.

Maintenance: If one or more tiles require replacement, tile roofing is structured in a way that allows for easy interchange of damaged tiles for good ones. This process can occur without pulling the whole roof down.

Coolness: Roof tiles promote coolness in a home from the roof because they naturally have the ability to help curtail some heat. Usually this is reflected in lowered energy costs.

Tile Roofs are suitable for residential houses, and a few commercial buildings, too. Tile roofing can be used just about anywhere, and is a favorite among those looking to really make a statement with their home’s appearance, while still having a reliable roof that can stand up to storms and protect the rest of the structure. Call us today if you’re interested in a tile roof at your home, we’d be happy to discuss the many options with you.

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