Should You Hire A Hail Damage Expert?

Hail Damage Expert

Even small hail can cause damage to the roof on your home.   

     If left unrepaired, this damage can cause leaks and other costly repairs. An inspection is the first step in getting the roof replaced, but it’s essential to choose a hail damage expert. How do you know if you are hiring a hail damage restoration expert? Read on to get tips!

Why Is Choosing A Hail Damage Expert Important?

The accuracy of a hail damage roof inspection depends on the knowledge and experience of the person completing the inspection. If you choose a roofing company with minimal hail restoration experience or allow your insurance adjuster to complete the roof inspection, that could mean that damage is missed.  This could leave you paying for costly repairs later.

If you call your insurance company first, they will usually send an adjuster to inspect your roof for hail damage. This adjuster works for your insurance company, and they are rarely a certified roofing contractor.

Your insurance adjuster may not be familiar with all types of roofing materials, what to look for when it comes to damage, and what the best options for repair are. Asking your insurance adjuster for a roof inspection after a hail storm is like going to the dentist when you are sick with the flu. That’s why it’s usually better to call a professional roofer first before calling your insurance company to start a claim.

How To Hire A Hail Damage Expert

Before you hire a roofing contractor for a hail damage roof inspection, make sure you review their credentials, certifications, and their level of experience. If your neighbors are getting new roofs but your hail damage insurance claim was denied you may want to consider getting a re-inspection by a hail damage expert.

Here are a few questions to ask your roofing contractor:

  1. Do you have any specialized training or certifications to be able to spot hail damage?

  2. Have you dealt with hail damage before?

  3. Are you familiar with the insurance claim process?


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