Shopping Area Needs Some Help

Not too long ago we got a call from a strip mall that needed some help with Plano commercial roofing maintenance. The property manager had a very specific budget in mind for the job, and we were able to work with him in order to provide services on their flat roof that would exactly match his budget. He was so happy with our efficient and experienced ability to produce a visible estimate that he hired us after the first consultation. He was thrilled with the final job and told us that he would work with us again. 

The commercial roofing maintenance began

Our crew arrived at the strip mall in Plano and they began working on the first roof by cleaning it thoroughly with a broom to remove all dirt and debris. The crew cleaned the gutters and drains, then they had to repair two small holes on the flat roof. The crew started creating a three inch square around the holes, then the crew cut a piece of galvanized metal that would fit over the area, then they screwed the metal into the existing roof. The crew caulked the edges, then they applied roof coating to the entire patch. 

This Plano roofing contractor job was a good one - Roof Time Contractors, Inc.

The crew went to the next roof and swept it cleaned, then they started repairing a roofing seam in this roof. The crew removed any roof coating that was loose, then they applied new roof coating to both sides of the seam. After the roof coating was applied the crew then patched the seam with glass membrane fabric, then they applied another layer of roof coating to ensure that the seam was successfully repaired and attached firmly to the roof.

The crew repaired any damaged areas on all of the roofs at the strip malls, and some of the repairs were small holes and rips along with flashings. The crew also made sure that all the gutters were cleaned along with the drains. Small holes and rips in the roofs were the main damages that needed to be repaired and the crew repaired all these issues.

We were able to get the roofing maintenance done for the customer in a week. The crew arrived early each day and worked until dusk. Our crew made sure to provide all the maintenance services that each of the roofs needed and we were able to stay right on budget for the customer. Our crew knew that they had done a great job when the customer told us that he would be calling us again for more roofing projects because he was the property manager for many properties in the city. We are the number one roofer in Plano that all businesses can depend on.

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