Installation on a Home Addition

We got a call from a homeowner who was looking for a roofer in Colleyville who was thinking of building out a four season patio onto their existing deck. They called us to see if a frame would support a roof extension, which we were able to do with a minimal modification to the overall design. Read More→

Accidental Damage is No Problem for Our Team

We went out to do an Irving roofing job for a homeowner whose kids had accidentally damaged the roof. The homeowner had two rowdy boys who had been jumping off the roof. Read More→

Urgent Maintenance for Commercial Client

Recently, we got a call from a commercial client with a metal roof in Waxahachie that had some maintenance issues needing immediate attention. Read More→

Flat Roof Needs Some TLC

Not too long ago, we got a call from a warehouse owner who needed their EPDM layer redone because it was not effectively repelling water. Read More→

Home Addition Needs A New Roof

We got a call from a homeowner that needed an estimate on a large shed and workshop that they were building. Read More→

Lapse in Maintenance Becomes a Big Project

We got a call from a homeowner who had not had any work done on their home for decades, and a number of missing shingles and general roof damage was all over their home. We were asked to come out to do roof repairs in Mansfield, which were really extensive. Read More→

Flat Roof Maintenance -for Long Term Durability

We went out to a commercial client that we had served before in order to do some routine maintenance on their flat roof. We needed to replace some gravel and patch some of the EPDM material up there, which took a total of two days. Read More→

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