Lapse in Maintenance Becomes a Big Project

We got a call from a homeowner who had not had any work done on their home for decades, and a number of missing shingles and general roof damage was all over their home. We were asked to come out to do roof repairs in Mansfield, which were really extensive.

A few of our roofing experts went out to the Mansfield home to give the homeowner a quote. When our guys got on the roof they noticed not only were there missing shingles, but there was damage on the roof too. We gave the homeowner a quote and he scheduled us to start on the roof first thing Monday morning.

The roofing repairs were underway.

The crew arrived Monday morning at eight. The crew started removing the shingles where the roof was damaged, so they could access the wood and remove it, then replace it. The crew worked on the damaged area the first day of the project. The crew arrived the following day and started replacing the missing and damaged shingles. It’s a good thing the homeowner called us out when he did because if he would have waited any longer he may have had to replace the entire roof, and we knew that he could not afford that at this time.

We finished the roof repairs in Mansfield on time - Roof TimeIt took the crew several days to get the roof totally repaired and back into good working condition for the customer. Ultimately, the house was much safer and we were able to get rid of all the leaks. We let the customer know that we had the roof repairs done and he came outside to see the roof. The customer said you could hardly tell that the roof had a lot of damages now that we have repaired it.

The customer explained that he had let the house go when he became sick and disabled, but now that he is doing much better he had made it a plan to start having the repairs done that the house so desperately needed. The homeowner continued to say that he appreciated our quick response and work that we provided for him and he also wanted to thank our company for being honest. He said he had called three other roofing contractors in Mansfield and each one of them told him he had to have an entirely new roof installed as the roof was beyond repair. He said there was no way he could afford that now, and he just wanted to thank us for being honest. He now has a roof that doesn’t leak and he didn’t have to go broke getting it done, thanks to the hard work and craftsmanship that each of our crew members possessed.

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