Installation on a Home Addition

We got a call from a homeowner who was looking for a roofer in Colleyville who was thinking of building out a four season patio onto their existing deck. They called us to see if a frame would support a roof extension, which we were able to do with a minimal modification to the overall design. They were really happy with this news, but even more pleased once the new roof was completed on their new living space. We scheduled the new roof installation with the homeowner and our crew arrived promptly on time.

our roofing company crew arrived

One thing that all of our roofers do is watch the weather forecast because when a new roof is going to be installed the crew needs for the sun to be shining and no rain, which was exactly what the forecast was for the week that we were scheduled for the new roof Colleyville. The crew arrived and immediately went to work.

The crew cut out the ledger, then began attaching it to the home. The ledger was attached with heavy duty bolts. The crew then started laying joists to go across the space, then plywood was then applied. The crew added a pitch to the roof, so water would run off the roof. The flashing was installed on the roof to prevent water seepage, then the crew began installing the roofing shingles. The crew worked on the new roof installation each day until late in the afternoon, then they all arrived the next day bright and early. 

This home needed a qualified roofing company in colleyville - roof time contractors, inc.

The crew was able to get the new roof installed three days ahead of schedule, which was pleasing to the homeowners as they were anticipating the new living space. Our crew members were able to work efficiently and mindful of other contractors that were also working at the same time to get the homeowners new living space done too. Our crew cleaned up their work area each evening and on the final day. The crew let the customers know that they were done with their roof and asked them to take a look at it.

The customers said the roof looked great and they were pleased with our performance. Our crew let them know that the roof was backed with a guarantee and warranty, and if they had any issues to give the office a call and we would be right out. The customers again thanked the crew and said if they ever needed a great roofer in Colleyville again that they would call us, because we stayed within budget, got the project done ahead of schedule, and we were able to go along with the main design of their living space without making major changes.

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