Home Addition Needs A New Roof

We got a call from a homeowner that needed an estimate on a large shed and workshop that they were building. They would be putting up the frame and walls and needed an estimate on what the rest of the Arlington roofing contractor project would be. We let the homeowner know that we could come out in a few hours to provide them with an estimate, and that sounded great to the homeowner.

An estimate for roof installation was given to the homeowner

When we came out to the site, most of the work was already done, so our quote and estimate was quite reasonable. They decided to go with us, and we were able to complete the roof of their new workshop two days ahead of schedule. 

We did a new roof in arlington for a happy customerOur crew arrived at the property on the day that we were scheduled to start the roofing project. The crew was thrilled to see that the sun was out and not a cloud was in the sky, which was ideal weather to install a new roof. The crew immediately began adding the installation and the plywood. The crew worked all day, each day to make sure that the project was done on time or before it was scheduled to be done.

The crew began adding the shingles that the customer had requested to the roof. By the end of that day, the crew had successfully had the shingles installed on the roof and the roof was completed. The homeowner just happened to be working in his yard when he noticed the crew cleaning up the area and packing up to leave. The homeowner walked over and he asked the crew if they were finished, and they said yes. The homeowner said he was very surprised that the job was done ahead of schedule, but he really appreciated it.

The customer said that he noticed that the work was done very nicely and he was happy with the way the roof turned out. He said he had actually never heard of our company before, but he was talking to a coworker about the shed and workshop that he was building at his home and was needing an honest roofing professional to put the roof on, and they told him to contact us because we are the best roofing contractor in Arlington.

The customer said he will have to thank his coworker for the tip, and now he has a roofer that he can contact anytime he needs to have roofing services performed. The customer said that we impressed him with our skills and hard work and he would make sure that he tells others about us. He thanked us several times and our crew knew that they had provided another outstanding roof for a customer.

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