Flat Roofing

Roof TIme was happy to finish this flat roof in Grand Prairiea flat roof is the type of roof that have very negligible slopes. Most commercial buildings sport this kind of roof because of the perks a flat roof offers. There is relatively low maintenance, high durability, and a range of options available depending on typical problems that might be present based on weather conditions in the area. Another advantages of using a flat roof includes having some  extra space for a little relaxing. A commercial building with a flat roof is often tall enough to offer a nice view!

We finished this flat roof in Midlothian on time! - Roof Time Contractors, Inc.

A Flat roof’s simplicity in structure reflects in the cost of installation too; it can be cheaper than sloped roofs, and this is especially true for areas with large square footage.

Flat Roof Installation

We have a large selection of materials that a new roof could be comprised of. Roofing timber (or joists), Steel joists (or “steels”), Rubber EPDM membrane (or other exterior covering), Water-based adhesive, Plywood, Foam with fiberglass backing, Copper flashing, Insulation (for the warm flat roof only). Hot tar, gravel, modified bitumen and rubber membrane are almost always mainstays when building flat roofs.

We start by framing the roof to impose a slight slope on it to avoid intense water clogging. Using various thickness of wood and planks, we frame your roof effectively. After this we go ahead and attach plywood to the framing, and then, the underlayment. We do all of these tasks while creating corners (or gutters) for water to flow off, then lay down rubber and secure it with glue before adding the copper flashing. This should give you a basic idea of how we go about our roofing contractor process. Of course, when you work with us we will be happy to discuss all of our plans before we get started.

Maintaining a flat roof is easy when you allow a trained roofing contractor to inspect and work on the roof. One thing you can do is to ensure stagnant water doesn’t stay on the roof. This is a very immediate sign that some work needs to be done, and we can definitely help with drainage issues. It is also a good idea to remove dirt and debris from the roof at least weekly to prevent the gutters and drains from being clogged. Also keep in mind that not all flat roofs are built to host human activities or relaxation, so, respect the strength of your roof. If you have any questions about installing a flat roof or need some roof repair work done, please give us a call today!

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