Flat Roof Needs Some TLC

Not too long ago, we got a call from a warehouse owner who needed their EPDM layer redone because it was not effectively repelling water. This had been caused by many years of neglect. Since this was a fairly involved process, it took us an entire day just to inspect the roof and provide an accurate estimate. We took our time making sure all the bases were covered for this Richardson roofing contractor project. They were very impressed with our attention to detail, and we were able to get them fixed up in under a week.

The EPDM layer roofing repairs were scheduled to begin

The crew arrived at the job site bright and early Monday morning as scheduled. The crew began to clean the entire roof with our heavy duty power washer. This would remove all the dirt and debris, and it would also allow the membrane to adhere to the repairing products that the crew was going to use. The crew checked all the membrane seams to see if they needed to be repaired, then they checked the protrusion flashing. The crew applied liquid sealer to any of the seams and flashing that needed repaired. 

We did this roof repair in richardson on time - roof time contractors, inc.

The crew returned the next day and started applying the first layer of restoration top coat to the entire roof. The restoration top coat is energy saving and reflective, which would be beneficial to the owner of the business. Once the first layer was dry, the crew then applied the second coat of restoration top coat.

Each day the crew returned to the job site very early, then worked till late in the afternoon. The crew made sure that they stayed out of the way of the business that was being conducted in the warehouse. Our crew respects other businesses customers and understand that the work day must go on, even when the roof is being repaired.

In just under five days the crew was able to get the EPDM layer redone and the entire roof was recoated, so the owner would not have to worry about water being leaked into his business. The crew left the job site better than when they arrived, then headed to the next job.

The warehouse owner contacted us a couple of weeks later to let us know that his roof didn’t leak a drop during the last couple of rainy days that had occurred. He wanted to thank our crew for doing a great job and for having the job done before it was scheduled to be finished. The owner continued to say that he will be only calling our company for all his roofing needs because we are the best roofing contractor in Richardson. Each of our employees impressed him with our work ethic and complete professionalism each day that they were working on his roof. 

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