Flat Roof Maintenance -for Long Term Durability

We went out to a commercial client that we had served before in order to do some routine maintenance on their flat roof. We needed to replace some gravel and patch some of the EPDM material up there, which took a total of two days.

The flat roof maintenance was underway.

Our commercial roofing crew arrived at the business in Grand Prairie and the project began.  The main components of the project were minor roof repair, flat roof sealing and texturing. The crew first started cleaning the roof thoroughly. The cleaning of the roof needs to be done to remove dirt, debris, tar, and any caulking that was present. After the roof was cleaned the crew had to let the roof dry because if the roof isn’t dry the patch will not hold to the roof. 

We did this roofing maintenance in Grand Prairie for a returning customer

There were no visible leaks in the roof, so the crew began applying the EPDM liquid rubber. The EPDM liquid rubber is applied thick to the areas that needed to be patched and the crew watches the material to make sure there are no bubbles appearing when it is applied. The application should be applied at least two inches thick. The crew makes sure that there are no air pockets trapped in the areas that were being patched. Once the area has been patched the crew used a silicone roller to make sure the edges are tight, then the EPDM caulk was applied. The final step to the roofing maintenance was adding the small gravel that would be laid upon the liquid rubber.

It took the crew approximately two days to get the flat roof patched, repaired, and graveled. It was another job well done for a customer that we really enjoy working with. The crew always made sure that when they were working they never interrupted the business or their customers. This is an important rule that our crew members provide to our customers. The crew left the job clean and maintained.

A few days later the customer called the office just to say thank you to our crew for doing another outstanding job. The customer said they didn’t even notice when we were working because every one of our employees respected the business hours that we were operating on. The customer said that they always have other roofing contractors contact them offering them cheaper rates and deals for their flat roof, but they always tell them that they have their own roofing contractor in Grand Prairie that takes care of their roof annually, and they would not be needing any other roofing contractor’s services. We were very glad to have such a happy and loyal customer. We take pride in being able to do a good job for them.

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