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Having an honest roofing contractor is important for homeowners and business owners in Texas, and this is why they all contact Roof Time Contractors for all their Dallas roofing repairs and installations. We are the roofing company that installs quality roofs that are built to last. Our professional team can provide emergency repairs and handle all insurance claims when your home or business has been hit by a storm. We provide Dallas customers with a wide range of services to meet all your needs.

Roofer Services Available

Our commercial and residential roofing services include:

  • Roof Repair
  • Roofing Company
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Tile Roof
  • Flat Roof
  • Metal Roof
  • And so much more…

We are so confident that you will be pleased with our services that we provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions about repairs from storm damage or new project builds, be sure to give us a call.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the ninth most populous city in the United States with a population of 1,197,816. The city is the third largest city in the state of Texas. The nicknames for the city are “The Big D” and “The Four”. Thousands of years ago, the Caddo people were inhabiting the area until the Spanish colonists arrived, which was in the eighteenth century. The city received its name in 1841 by John Neely Bryan who settled near Trinity River. The city was incorporated on February 2, 1856. The city has many attractions and history that brings thousands of visitors to the area each year.

This building needed a commercial roofing contractor in Dallas - Roof Time Contractors, Inc.

This city is home to the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are famous for being coached by Tom Landry, who was one of the greatest and most inventive coaches in the history of the NFL. The Cowboys have five super bowl victories. The most recent championship was achieved in 1996.

The Dallas Zoo is always a favorite location in the city where you can bring the entire family. The zoo is over 106 acres and is the largest zoo in the state. Visitors will see more than 2,000 animals that include elephants, giraffes, zebras, and currently the Koala Walkabout exhibit, the Tiger Habitat exhibit, and the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo where children can interact with the animals.

The Reunion Tower GeO-Deck will give visitors an amazing view of the city. There are telescopes and zoom cameras that will give visitors the opportunity to see intricate details of the businesses and streets in the city. The Cloud Nine Café is located at the GeO-Deck where visitors can grab a meal or snack and enjoy the beauty of the city from the sky.

There are many sights and attractions in the city. Visitors from around the world come to the city to explore and have a great time.

Roof Time Contractors is the roofing contractor that residents contact for all their roofing needs. Contact us today and let us provide you a solution to your roofing problems.

Townhouses Need Some Work Done

Recently, we received a call from a housing association who needed an experienced Dallas roofing company. They were wondering if we could do a routine roof maintenance on several connected townhouses. These roof repairs needed to be done during the day in order not to disrupt any of the owners in the area. We gave them an estimate on repairs for about ten roofs, and they were very happy with our bid. Needless to say, we were hired and the project went along very smoothly.

The roofing repairs were scheduled

Our crew arrived at the first property bright and early Monday morning. Thankfully, the weather was cooperating with us as there was no rain scheduled for the week and the sun was shining. At the first property the crew had to replace a few shingles that had blown off. The crew made sure there was no water damage to the wood, then they applied the new shingles, then headed to the next property. 

This building needed a roofing contractor in Dallas - Roof Time Contractors, Inc.

The crew arrived at the next property where they had to replace a section of the roof as it had begun to leak not too long ago. The crew removed the shingles and rotten wood, then installed new wood, then attached new shingles. Each day through the week the crew worked on one property, then the next. One roof would need flashing done to the skylight area and one would need to have valleys redone. Several of the properties had missing shingles.

On the last property that the crew had to do they had to repair a roof truss. The crew cut out the lumber, then they placed the lumber against the broken truss, then the crew applied a patch on the truss. The crew then applied lumber on the other side of the truss where they secured it to the patch with wood screws. After the crew had the supports secured they applied pressure to the truss just to make sure that it would resist the pressure, which it did, so the crew had this repair made for the client.

Each property repair went fairly smoothly and our crew was able to get the entire ten projects done in just a little over a week, which was ahead of schedule. Our crew never worked past five o’ clock when most of the tenants would be returning home from work and our crew only worked during the week and daytime hours that was requested by the customer.

We contacted the customer to let him know that all of the repairs were successfully done and let him know that all work that we provide is backed by our personal warranty, so if he had any problems to give us a call and we would come right out!

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