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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

roofing contractor

One of the biggest challenges that homeowners face  is choosing the right roofing contractor. After all, it’s a pretty significant investment! Get the best service for your budget by following these tips:

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How to know when you need a new roof (it’s not as obvious as you think!)

How do you know when your roof has reached the end? Most homeowners wait until costly problems like roof leaks become apparent. Don’t get caught with costly repairs; find out what to look for when it’s time for an entire roof replacement below:

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Can Hail Really Damage A Roof Or Is It A Scam?

Hailstorms may not seem like the worst type of natural disaster that can damage your home – but they are the most common. Hail can also cause a surprising amount of damage to your home including the roof, siding, windows and gutters.

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Prevent These [Costly] Problems With A Roof Inspection

Have you ever heard the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? This is true for many things that require maintenance to perform best like your health, your car and your home. But this is especially true when it comes to your roof! If you’re like most homeowners you’re probably thinking, “there’s not a hole in mine so what’s the big deal?”

You may be surprised to learn that your roof could have problems, even if it’s not leaking right now.

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Planning To Sell Your Home? 3 Reasons To Get a Roof Inspection NOW!

Selling a home is stressful even when everything goes right. There is A LOT of time, energy, paperwork and emotions that go into it and even small complications can feel like massive burdens.

So, when homeowners ask us if they should get a roof inspection before they list their home, our answer is always yes!

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Is Your Home Outdated? Here’s How To Tell

If your home is 15 years or older, features that were once “standard” are now turn-offs for potential buyers. If you’re thinking about listing your home, that’s probably not the best news. After all, no homeowner wants to hear their home is “outdated” or the sale price should be lowered.

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Should You Hire A Hail Damage Expert?

Hail Damage Expert

Even small hail can cause damage to the roof on your home.    Read More→

Should You Think About Hail Before Selling Your Home?


Has your home been impacted by hail this storm season?

Most homeowners don’t find out about hail damage until they put their house on the market, and the prospective buyer gets a home and/or roof inspection. Upon your initial review, it may seem as though your roof is functioning normally if you didn’t notice any glaring issues like broken windows or roof leaks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your roof is in the clear.

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How to Celebrate the 4th Safely and Prevent Home Fires

Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. 4th of July and fireworks. Some things are just meant to go together! But without the right precautions, accidental fires and damage to your roof can occur when fireworks are used. Read More→

Insurance Awareness Day: Is Your Home Protected?

It may not be the most exciting holiday, but it’s essential, especially when it comes to your home! Click to learn why. Read More→

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